pt 1 and 2 paper

Part 1: PMI Code of Conduct and Professional Conduct Analysis

Business:  Kennbuons Health Center is a health facility which offers health services to its clients. Recently. The management of Kennbuons Health Center recommended a project which will infuse the use of artificial intelligence in the provision of its services to the clients. This will ensure that the effectiveness of the services provided is enhanced. Below are the phases of the project.  

Conduct an analysis of the PMI Code of Conduct and Professional Conduct methodology based of the business above . Develop a 2–3-page summary for the following:

Answer the following questions:

What is professional responsibility and how is it applied to your selected project?
What are the six basic responsibilities of the “Responsibility to the Profession” section of the PMI Code of Conduct, and how do they apply to your selected project?
What are the five basic responsibilities of the “Responsibility to the Customers and Public” section of the PMI Code of Conduct, and how do they apply to your select project?
Based on additional research, provide a minimum of three types of project violations within the area of your selected project.

Include the company/industry.
Type of project.
Type of violation(s).
Type of penalty.

Part 2: Project Management Certifications and Training Analysis
In today’s corporate environment, project management certifications are viewed as evidence of advanced training and knowledge. Research and develop a 2–3-page analysis of the current project management certifications that would support business and IT professionals.

Include the name and Web site.
Include any specific requirements, including but not limited to years of specific expertise, testing, and costs.
Review the Web site and provide advantages and disadvantages of specific certifications.
Search the Web and identify a minimum of three project management training opportunities. Include Web site, costs, and types of training (online, classroom, et cetera).

Additional Requirements

Written communication: Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Documents: Submit the following 2 documents:

Completed PMI Code of Conduct and Professional Conduct Analysis. Length 2–3 pages.
Completed PM Certifications and Training Analysis. Length 2–3 pages.

List of references: Include a list of references, including books, Web sites, articles, and other resources.
Formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA guidelines for style and formatting.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Submission: Be sure to include all parts in your submission.


Code of Ethics and Professional Development Analysis Scoring Guide.

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