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Write at least one page on each of the following questions, typed, #12 times new roman fonts. Don’t forget to identify your sources if needed in your text. It is always beneficial to back up what you say with what the experts say when you can. Due date for this: Wednesday, May 15, by 12 pm.
Question 1: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? Tell me about your family, interests, and hobbies. What is your major in school and what are your future aspirations? Tell me something about you that I might always remember. What makes you special?
Question 2: I believe you have listened to a few lectures the first week regarding the class you are taking. You have also been reading information pertaining to the class. What is the basic history behind the course you are taking? Who were the pioneers/creators/theorists? What is there about this subject matter that makes it so important to mankind?
Question 3: Write about something you read or heard about during the first week related to the subject area that really sparked your interest. Provide some details for me about the topic and why it has relevance to your own life.

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