Psychiatric DNP program application

Psychiatric DNP program application

Psychiatric DNP program application

Hello these are questions /personal statements for a Psychiatric DNP program application, that must be answered each question should be limited to 1 pg or less. , double-spaced, using a font size that is easily read, 11-12 characters per inch. Please include the Personal Statement Title as the header.

1. Describe how your leadership skills and experience will influence your future practice and success in your Psychiatric Nurse practitioner advanced nursing practice role and major. What leadership skills do you want to develop?

2. Please provide at least one personal or professional example from your Nursing School or clinical experiences that aligns with our Nursing School Mission Statement and another example that aligns with the Diversity Statement.

3. How does your professional work experience, goals, interests, and abilities align with our Psychiatric DNP program? Why is this the time to obtain your doctoral degree?
( Some info about me to help answer for question 3 and 4: I was a student nurse on a telemetry unit, I am a new grad rn. Also I have experience working with children and adults with psychiatric, mental ,health illness, and developmental problems like autism.)

4. Why are you choosing Psychiatric Nurse practitioner DNP program ? How have your personal and/or professional experiences prepared you for your chosen role and major?

5. Share any significant life experiences that have contributed to your personal and professional development. This may include significant challenges, activities, or accomplishments that make you a unique applicant.

6. Discuss the differences between a quality improvement project and research. Describe a possible topic or clinical problem in a population that may be the focus of your DNP project.
(anything in low income or immigrant population is ok, if you have a better idea please add.)

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