For this third assignment, we are going to enhance the learning of the material for the course by exploring the Society for Neuroscience website. 
In particular, I would like you to explore the following sites: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Your goal is to:
1) Find an article or an online video of any length (1 minute or 1 hour) related to the topic that you have selected. Note that you need to find the article or video at the Society for Neuroscience website in the links I have provided above. Provide the link (5 points). 
2) Write a small essay explaining:
     a) How does this article or video help you learn about the particular topic that you chose? (5 points)
     b) If you were a professor in Biopsychology, how would you explain this concept to students in your own words?  Be as detailed as possible. (5 points)
     c) Write one multiple choice question related to this concept that you could include in an exam. (5 points)
     d) Write one essay question that you could include in an exam. (5 points)
Note: Make sure to separate your answer in clearly labeled paragraphs (i.e., a), b),  c) and d)). 

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