Prosecuting domestic violence when children are witnesses

Prosecuting domestic violence when children are witnesses. Address each point in complete sentences and in your own words; quotes should be used sparingly. Responses must provide sufficient detail so that I do not have to skim the article for answers. A particular page length for your summary is NOT required, but summaries that include detailed and complete responses typically range from 4-6 pages. Responses will be graded for the depth of analysis/accuracy and writing style (e.g., complete sentences, no spelling or grammatical errors).

Reference: (a) attach the source article to your assignment submission OR turn in a hard copy of the source article by the assignment due date, and (b) provide the following reference information: author(s), title, date of publication, source (e.g., URL, magazine title), volume, issue, page numbers.

Question: outline the main question(s) or topic(s) under investigation.

Information & Implications: (a) describe the information outlined in the article that is relevant to your poster, and (b) describe the implications/”take home message” of this information as relevant to your poster.

Learning: describe what you learned about your topic from this article.

Application: describe exactly how you are going to use this article for/how this article contributes to your final poster (in the context of what your previous article contributes to your poster).

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