Pick  a topic for Essay( as described below) and answer the questions  below to create your proposal.  Be sure to state the topic.

Why does this issue (the improper evaluation) deserve attention?  What’s at stake?
What are the key challenges you anticipate in preparing your argument?
What research strategy do you plan to use? What resources will you consult?

Evaluative Essay 
Consider a single work within an entertainment genre (movie, show,  play, book, comic, game, song, etc) that you believe has been improperly  evaluated, whether by critics, audiences, or both.  
Write a 1,000 – 1,300-word evaluative essay in which you challenge  these improper evaluations of the chosen work, providing sound reasons  and solid evidence as to why these improper evaluations should be  challenged.  You will also supply your own evaluation of the work and  defend it, clarifying what criteria you used, how it was judged and  weighted, and why that criteria makes for a more proper evaluation.
Perhaps you want to look at a classic novel that you believe is overrated, or a movie you enjoyed that has terrible reviews.  
This new evaluation is not to be presented as your opinion; it is a  formal argument.  Avoid first person (I think, I believe, etc).  Defend  your ranking with argument and research.  Include a Works Cited page  with at least four sources.  

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