Project – Work Life Balance and Stress in Women in Academia Essay

Question 1 1. 1 Conflict & gt ; The pattern of acknowledging and covering with differences in a rational. balanced and effectual manner. Conflict is an uttered battle between at least two mutualist parties who perceive incompatible ends. scare resources. and intervention from others in accomplishing their ends. ” 1. 2 Decision- doing & gt ; Is the pick of the most suited manner of work outing a job or managing a state of affairs. 1. 3 Communication & gt ; Is a agency by which the instructor and pupils’ different demands. feelings and attitudes are conveyed to each other in order to set up cooperation and achieve ends.
1. 4 Motivation & gt ; Is the procedure by agencies of which motivations are provided by. amongst others. a director or state of affairs in order to convey about certain actions and therefore to accomplish certain ends. 1. 5 Leadership & gt ; Leadership consists of actions that help the group to finish its undertakings successfully and keep effectual on the job relationships among its members. Leadership is a set of accomplishments that anyone can get Question 2 2. 1. 1 AUTOCRATIC CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT STYLE When covering with pupil behaviour the instructor will step in and seek to command the behavior of the students.
The instructor is chiefly interested in the pupils’ completion of undertakings and larning public presentation. Pupils’ engagement in the schoolroom state of affairs is limited to listening. working and making. The followers are some advantages of this attack: ? Some students may experience secure in this sort of state of affairs. ? Because the instructor lays down fixed regulations and processs. students know what is expected of them and what they can anticipate in the schoolroom. The followers are some disadvantages of this attack: ? The schoolroom ambiance is characterised by competition. involuntariness to work together and hapless subject when students are left unsupervised.

Creative thought is suppressed. ? There is no cooperation. ? Students may develop a negative attitude towards the topic. 1 Student no: 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no: 2 719493 2. 1. 2 Democratic CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT STYLE A democratic manner of schoolroom direction correlates with an synergistic instruction manner. This learning manner requires that instructors should hold a sound cognition of their capable and of human nature so that they can promote their students to take part actively and meaningfully in learning and learning activities.
The control of pupil behavior in the schoolroom is jointly controlled by the students and the instructor. As a direction manner it requires the instructor to keep a balance between the undertaking facet and the human facet of the schoolroom state of affairs. Teaching and larning undertakings are completed with the pupils’ willing cooperation and carbon monoxide duty which are the trademarks of democratic schoolroom direction. The followers are some advantages: ? ? ? Pupils take part confidently in schoolroom activities. It encourages inaugural and creativeness.
The schoolroom ambiance is relaxed. yet productive. ? Students feel that they are involved in learning activities. 2. 2 Five manners of struggle direction? Avoidance: avoiding struggle is a short-run solution because the struggle will non travel off. Sometimes. nevertheless. turning away could be a impermanent step to quiet emotions. ? Giving in or suiting: instructors who severely want the students to accept them utilize this manner. With this manner the existent differences are underemphasized. Sometimes instructors have to give in to avoid ill will in the schoolroom and to guarantee that the work can acquire done.
Domination: instructors who want to enforce their will on students use this manner. In the long tally this manner is rarely effectual. although instructors sometimes have to rule. ? Compromise or settle: this manner is marked by a hunt for via medias and colony. The instructor will seek to run into everyone halfway and to allow the bulk position prevail. Because a colony might non fulfill everybody. the dissatisfaction could once more do struggle at a ulterior phase. ? Integrate or collaborate: this manner is besides known as the problem-solving attack.
The parties cooperate in order to happen a satisfactory solution. 2. 3 A proper balance between the: task-oriented and the human dealingss facets. required in every teaching-learning state of affairs. enables instructors to make a teaching-learning state of affairs with a positive ambiance. Keeping a balance between the structural ( formal ) and human dealingss ( informal ) aspects requires a holistic attack to classroom direction. The combination and integrating of these two dimensions represent the existent construction of the schoolroom state of affairs. which includes all countries of the teacher’s direction undertaking.
These surveies revealed a clear correlativity between schoolroom ambiance and pupil public presentation of class 9 and grade 10 students in 12 secondary schools in Ontario as follows: ? Classroom atmosphere has a important influence on student public presentation. ? Although the personal and societal features of students are of import factors in their school public presentation. schoolroom ambiance is sometimes more of import. ? The psychosocial and academic facets of learning are interrelated. 2 Student no: 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no: 2
719493? Variables that relate straight to teaching-learning activities in the schoolroom have a particular. alone influence on student public presentation. The following are the guidelines for instructors to cultivate positive attitudes in their students: ? Put the students in the Centre. ? Respect pupils’ sentiments and handle all students respectfully. ? Give pupils a group feeling. ? Help pupils to experience secure in school. ? Make sure that pupils understand their assignments. ? Realise that students are kids. non grownups.
Deal with single behavior jobs in private interviews with the student instead than in forepart of the whole category. ? Involve pupils in determination devising where appropriate. ? Do non label students. 3 Student no: 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no: 2 719493 2. 4 Classroom POLICY 1. In all cases. civility and regard for schoolmates and the teacher are expected. 2. Book bags. briefcases. etc. are non allowed on your desk during category. They must stay on the floor near your chair. 3. You may non utilize cell phones in category. a. All tollers must be turned off. B.
You may non text message. topographic point or reply calls. c. All earpieces. earphones. headsets or any other accoutrement for your cell phone may non be used in category – that means. out of sight and non on your caput or in your ear. 4. You may non utilize any device ( for illustration. IPod. MP3 participant ) to listen to or see music or other scheduling in category. 5. You will be asked to go forth category if you disregard schoolroom policy. ATTENDANCE / WITHDRAWAL POLICY 1. Since the class is conducted in a seminar format. your attending is compulsory. 2. You will subscribe the Attendance Signature sheet at the beginning of each category.
3. Your category engagement points may be reduced from if you are late in category. 4. You may be withdrawn from COS 133 if you are absent from 20 % of the category. Late Work 1. No late work will be accepted. MAKE-UP Quiz POLICY 1. There are no quiz makeups. No freedoms. Scaling POLICY 1. Your class for COS 133 will be based on the points you accumulate for assignments. quizzes. and category engagement. 2. Your class for COS 133 is calculated as follows: Subject 1. Assignments 2. Quizzes 3. Classroom Participation Weight 30 % 55 % 15 % 4 Student no: 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no: 2 719493.
Topic Weight A 94 -100 1. Assignments 30 % A- 90 – 93 2. Quiz 55 % B+ 87 – 89 3. Classroom Participation 15 % B 84 – 86 B- 80 – 83 C+ 77 – 79 C 74 – 76 C- 70 – 73 D+ 67 – 69 D 64 – 66 D- 60 – 63 F & lt ; 60 1. Assignments = 30 Points? ? ? COS assignments consist of a assortment of activities designed to advance a successful college experience at MCC. Your assignments will dwell of reading text edition chapters and replying related exercising inquiries. In add-on. you may be utilizing your MCC pupil electronic mail to subject Web assignments. ? ? ? Assignments are due at the beginning of the category.
However. you may subject your assignments before the due day of the month. ? ? ? Distribution of points are as follows: 10 text edition assignments ( 3 points each ) = 30 points 2. Quizzes = 55 Points? ? ? Quizzes are based on your chapter reading assignments. o You may utilize your text edition to reply the inquiries. However. be good prepared for a really ambitious quiz. o If you are late for category and lose the quiz. you will have a nothing for the quiz. ? ? ? Distribution of points is as follows: o 11 text edition quizzes ( 5 points each ) = 55 points 3. Classroom Participation = 15 Points? ? ?
Classroom engagement points are earned by behaviours that demonstrate o prompt attending for category 3 o active hearing O positive engagement in little group work o thoughtful parts during whole category treatments o civility and regard for schoolmates and the teacher? ? ? Distribution of points is as follows: o 1 point per hebdomad = 15 points o You can non gain schoolroom engagement points if you are absent. MCC REGULATIONS AND POLICIES Academic Honesty Policy In the academic procedure. it is assumed that rational honestness and unity are basic duties of any pupil.
However. module members should accept their correlate 5 Student no: 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no: 2 719493 duty to modulate academic work and to carry on scrutiny processs in such a mode as non to ask for misdemeanors of academic honestness. Such misdemeanors consist chiefly of rip offing and plagiarism. For more inside informations sing MCC’s Academic Honesty policy sing definitions. disciplinary action. and process for entreaty look into the MCC Catalog and Student Handbook or MCC Website. Policy Statement on Sexual Harassment 1.
Monroe Community College strives to acknowledge human self-respect and hence does non digest sexual torment or any other type of torment within or connected to this establishment. 2. Sexual torment is illegal and unfairly interferes with the chance for all individuals. regardless of gender. to hold a comfy and productive instruction and work environment. 3. We are committed to taking all sensible stairss to forestall sexual torment and to train those who do hassle. Code of Conduct The undermentioned actions or behaviors are prohibited.
1. The obstructor or break of any College map or activity. including the schoolroom instructional environment. disposal of the parking plan and service maps and activities. 2. The detainment. physical maltreatment or bullying of any individual. or menace thereof. or any 4 behavior which threatens or endangers the wellness. safety. or public assistance of any individual on College-owned or operated belongings or at College-sponsored activities. 3. The usage of obscene or opprobrious linguistic communication or any other agencies of
look. linguistic communication. or action which may moderately be expected to arouse or promote physical force by other individuals. 4. The refusal to obey any sensible or lawful petition. order. or directive of a College public safety officer. a instructor. College decision maker. or any other identified representative of the College. MCC LEARNING CENTERS 1. Monroe Community College has a figure of Learning Centers at Brighton ( for illustration. Accounting. Math. Psychology. Writing. the Electronic Learning Center. etc. ) and at Damon ( for illustration. the Integrated Learning Center. Electronic Learning Center. etc.
) . 2. Learning centres are staffed with instructional forces and may be equipped with computing machines and package to help pupils. 3. It is recommended that pupils use the Learning Centers to acquire extra aid with constructs learned in the schoolroom and with their prep. SERVICES FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES 1. Students with a documented acquisition trouble should do an assignment with the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities on the Brighton or Damon Campus to set up for support services. 2.
All deaf or hard of hearing pupils should reach the Counseling and Advising Center. 3. You must supply the teacher with appropriate certification sing adjustments within the first two hebdomads of category. EMERGENCY CLOSINGS 1. If the College is closed due to inclement conditions or some other exigency. all Rochester country wireless and telecasting Stationss will be notified no later than 5:30 a. m. 2. In add-on. the home page on the MCC web site ( World Wide Web. monroecc. edu ) will expose a message bespeaking the College is closed. 3. Please make non name the College to avoid overloading the telephone lines.
5 6 Student no: 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no: 2 719493 CLASS CANCELLATION To entree a list of day-to-day category cancellations. you may 1. Name the Public Safety Department ( 292-2066 ) at MCC. imperativeness 1 for a list of off categories at Brighton and imperativeness 2 for a list of off categories at Damon ; 2. Travel to the Internet. entree MCC. travel to the A-Z listing to C for Class Cancellations and see the list of cancellations ; 3. Check your pupil electronic mail for a cancellation notice from your teacher 6 COURSE SYLLABUS AGREEMENT Detach and return this signed sheet to Professor Rodriguez.
______________________________________ M00______________________ Student’s Printed Name Student MCC College ID Number COS 133 Section Number: _________ Semester / Year: _____________ The Course Syllabus 1. The Course Syllabus ( class information sheet ) is a written legal compact between you and your professor. 2. It clarifies the professor’s outlooks and your duties. Your professor expects you to run into deadlines for assignments. documents. undertakings and trials. 3. It is your duty to reexamine the class course of study and clear up any facet of the course of study.
Therefore. read it carefully and inquire inquiries you may hold about its content. Check the appropriate box. ? ? ? I have read the class information sheet for COS 133 – Introduction to College Studies. ? ? ? I understand my duties for this class. I do non hold any inquiries. ? ? ? I do non understand the demands stated in the COS 133 Course Information Sheet. I will schedule an assignment to discourse my inquiries with my professor. List your inquiries for treatment here: ______________________________________ _____________________ Signature Date.

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