Project Proposal

All projects and research topics must be initially documented in a project proposal.  The document should be concise and include the following:

Project Plan (including schedule)
Literature Overview
Likely Outcome
Relationship to Master’s Program

Objective: The objective describes the scope of the selected project. Students must discuss the planned project with their supervising faculty member before hand to ensure that the project is appropriate.
Project Plan:The Project Plan should be as detailed as possible, and include estimates for the level of effort required in each task. The student will not be held to the project plan, but the goal is to make sure that all the tasks are defined and that an assessment of the level of effort is complete.  If tasks are to be done by others, or require involvement by others, this should be identified in the project plan.  The first task should be the literature review.
Literature Overview: The Literature Overview section describes the scope of the literature search.
Likely Outcome: The Likely Outcome section describes the expected results from your work.
Relationship to Master’s Program: The final section of the proposal is to describe which courses in your master’s program will provide the basis of your project.

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