Project paper

 Please use the attached files.!!!!!!

 Select a current topic that relates to terrorism. The topic could be an issue, event, incident, or policy decision that occurred within the past five years. You will be required to develop a recommended plan of action to mitigate or prevent the threat and develop a plan for post-terrorism recovery. 

Please explain in detail the issue, current status, and recommended plan of action to mitigate or prevent this threat. Also, develop a plan for post-terrorism recovery   in relation to your topic.

 Please provided detailed information about the topic and supporting evidence for your plan of action. Your completed assignment should be a minimum of six double-spaced pages. You are required to use at least three peer-reviewed sources for this assignment!!!!
Reference entries and in-text citations should follow APA formatting guidelines. Your project should include the following categories: 
 Title page 
 Introduction of the topic 
 Current status of the topic
 Recommended plan of action 
 Post-terrorism recovery plan 
 References 

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