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Creating your detailed project schedule begins at the work package level where you begin to identify all project tasks necessary to complete the work and all resources required. Every task that needs to happen should be entered into the schedule—otherwise, it will not be completed. Use your MS Project file from the Unit 3 IP to help you determine the tasks and subtasks for your chosen project. This is basically drilling down on the work you already completed.

Add all of the tasks you identified in your existing file.
Place the tasks and subtasks in the order in which they will be performed in the project.
Approximate the durations for the tasks and subtasks, and add start and finish dates for all.
Add project key milestones. Assign a minimum of 3 milestones.
Assign all necessary dependencies.
Save the file as “PM220_IP2_Your Name.”
Submit your file as a Project document, as a PDF, or in a format provided or accepted by your instructor.

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