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Sue is completing the lessons learned on the new HalfLoop project. Sue routes the documents to the client sponsor, James, for formal completion of the project.  James notifies Sue that he moved to another position six weeks ago and she will need Matt to sign off on the project. 

When Matt sees the lessons learned, he notices that the division just moved to his organization was not included in the HalfLoop project, and it must be before the project can be closed. Sue notifies Matt that the budget has been spent and the project team is released to another project.

What went wrong?
What should have been done that was not done?
At this late hour, can changes be made to scope?
Who determines project success? Why?
What do you think project success is?
What happens with the HalfLoop project now?

Support your statements and conclusions using at least one current, peer-reviewed scholarly article. Current means that the article was published in the most recent five years. Be sure to include your citation/reference pair in accordance with CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).


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