The research project will typically involve a web/library search and analysis. It could also involve some implementation or measurement. 
Typical questions that could be addressed with reference to technology X: 
• What is X? 
• What Standard governs X? 
• How is X implemented? 
• What is the cost of implementation? 
• What companies are currently involved in this line of business? 

ideas for research project topic: 

Chrome OS 

An alternative to focusing on a technical area and explaining or analyzing the technical approach is to focus on products and vendors. This research project is to examine the state of the art and practice of major companies that provide services and products related to operating systems. You will work to research a company, determine the company’s market niche, assess their strategic vision, evaluate their products as per the topics covered in this course, and present a short paper to the instructor. You may take a technical focus of a particular technology and survey those companies providing that technology, or you may focus on a particular company. You may make references to various resources such as web sites, papers and other documents, but the writing has to be your own summary. In case you copy the pictures, you must make references. Turnit-in checker will give you the similarity scores. Any scores over 25% similarity will not be considered as your own work and thus 20% penalty would be applied to the submitted with over 25% similarity. Any work over 35% or more will be applied 40% penalty. Minimum 10 pages and no more than 20 pages not including the cover page. 
The cover page should contain the title of the project and your information followed by the table of contents. The report must end with reference list. 

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