Programming assignment

Programming Assignment #1 
Each program you turn in, each student MUST submit TWO files , MS Word and C++ code, containing following information:
1. MS Word File:
(1) Student and Computing Information
– Name and ID
– The class name and the title of an assignment
– The type of computer and compiler you are using, particularly if you are not using TAMUC computer laboratory hardware/software
(2) Purpose statement: Include descripted paragraphs to summarize the topics and goals of a program, such as:
– What values does the program input?
– What values does it output?
– What kind of processing does the program do to obtain the output values?
– Further, the documentation either explains how the software operates or how to use it, and may mean different things to people in different roles if necessary. Specific purpose is noted for each function, control structure, input requirements, and output results
(3) Copy/paste your C++ code into the MS Word File
(4) Screen shots: copy/paste the running output-screens into the MS Word File
2. Separated Original C++ Source Code: .cpp file only

Assignment #1: Write a C++ Program.
Consider the following program segment.
// Name: Your Name
// MU ID: Your ID
// include statement(s)
// using namespace statement
int main()
  //variable declaration
  //executable statements
  //return statement

Include the header files isotream.
Include cin, cout, and endl.
Declare two variables: num1, num2, num3, and average of type int.
Assign 125 into num1, 28 into num2, and -25 into num3
Store the average of num1, num2, num3, into average
Output the values of num1, num2, num3 and average
Compile and run your program

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