Professional Networking and Your Elevator Speech

 Louis Pasteur once observed that “chance favors the prepared mind” (Forbes Quotes, n.d.). You have probably heard of many chance encounters that led to an unexpected opportunity or a perfect job. It can happen anywhere and anytime, so you need to be ready. If you don’t want your career to be a matter of “chance,” you need to build your professional network. Having a great “elevator speech” is an important way you can prepare for any opportunity that may come your way, expected or otherwise. An elevator speech is a brief, convincing “impromptu” talk that conveys your uniqueness and professionalism in the time it takes to ride an elevator to your floor—because you never know who you may meet, or when. Furthermore, your elevator speech can contribute to your online professional profile on such sights as, where you can expand your networking opportunities.

For this week’s Discussion, you will discuss the importance of networking and branding to your career development. You will also craft an “elevator speech” that highlights your unique professional skills and knowledge.
Forbes Quotes. (n.d.). Thoughts on the business of life. Retrieved November 15, 2018, from
To prepare for this Discussion:

Review this week’s Learning Resources pertaining to elevator speeches.
Review this week’s Learning Resources pertaining to networking and branding.
Create a profile or revise your current profile at

By Day 4
Post the following:

Post your unique 150-word elevator speech.
Provide one example of how you can use your elevator speech in networking. Include an example location and person.
Explain a time when networking benefitting you or someone you know in the past.

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