Professional Development and Project Planning

Professional Development and Project Planning.

Research an engineering related sector and an organisation within that sector which is:
Where you might wish to work during your future career
Aligned/related to your individual or group project preference.
Using the answer template provided on Aula, apply the theories and practice of the module to
produce a report that analyses aspects of this engineering related sector; a specific organisation
within the sector; as well as your skill set needs to support your career.
The report needs to cover the following 4 tasks (ensuring that you reflect developments within
the last 12 months, particularly with reference to the impact and ramifications of the Covid19
pandemic, as appropriate):

Professional Development and Project Planning

  1. Provide a brief overview of your selected engineering related sector and the organisation
    within that sector. Support your overview with referenced facts and data.
  2. Analyse the external environment using the PESTLE framework in order to establish the
    current and future factors that might affect this sector (including the Covid19 pandemic).
    Comment on your key findings and on the potential impacts.
  3. Describe the key innovations/areas of research that are being progressed within this
    sector and when these might be expected to reach the marketplace.
  4. Using the SWOT framework and your findings from tasks 1-3, analyse YOUR current skill
    set in relation to the type of work activities that will be occurring in the sector. Comment
    on the NEW key skills and development areas (e.g. both soft skills and technical skills)
    that YOU might need over the next five-year period within this sector.
    Checklist of the submission requirements for Coursework 1:
     An introduction describing the sector and the company/organisation.
     Analysis of the external environment using the PESTLE framework along with
    comments on your findings.
     Description of the innovative activities being undertaken within the sector.
     A reflection of your current skills and future development needs in relation to the
    industry sector and company activities.
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