Professional Aspirations and Personal Statement

T Professional Aspirations and Personal Statement I truly believe that every individual on-this earth is called to help one another. It may be something so-simple- as to-tell a-friend that they matter when they’re having a-bad day, or something huge as in dedicating your life-to tell people- that they matter. The latter is my goal. The-Christian faith has been a-passion- of mine since I was young, and now a senior in highschool I have-come- to the-condusion that the faith I have-must be shared with others.
To-love when love-is needed, to care when-care is needed, to give a-sense of hope when life seems hopeless, and to-inspire when inspiration is no more. That is why I am choosing the-career of Christian Ministries. Yes, it is broad, but I believe- the-broadness to be-extremely inspiring and motivating for I can love, care, motivate, inspire, listen, teach, and-help humanity in a vast amount of ways. I believe that often- ministry is not necessarily “preaching” but just setting themereexampleof love, For actions speak louder than words.
I-am attending Azusa Pacific University next fall with a-major of Christian Ministries. I also-am considering of studying Intercultural Studies and Theatre; for theatre is a passion of mine, and-I believe- that Intercultural Studies with guide-me in my Ministry major, Azusa- is aprivate- Christian University that will give me-the education, and tools I need to-go-out a-helpothers. I also- plan on-doing mission trips in the summers, and study abroad for a semester so I can reach other cultures and countries. By the-word “reach’ I mean to-simply love.

I have- a passion to simply serve-other people, for I believe it to be the-most rewarding experience- on this earth. A Christian Ministries major will provide me with the-essentials needed to-go out into the world- with a sincere love-and passion for people, my goal is to serve, and I believe this major is one of the best for serving. Philanthropic Aspirations: My professional aspirations completely co inside’ with my philanthropic aspirations for career aspirations is to increase’ the well being of humankind in everyway.
It is hard for me to specifically address one-humanitarian issue’ for I want to impact all kinds of people- in diverseplaces; One-issue that I believe to-be increasing is the shallow idea of beauty. Women today are often driven to-make themselves on the outside lookbeautiftd; when inside they are hurting,and feel terribly insignificant and ugly, Now of days beauty is ali about the outside. The-media has a way of promoting theperf. ect hair,skin, body-type, etc in a way that women who do not have theperfect skin, hair, or body feel useless;
I would like-to dedicate- my time-to showing these women the beauty inside them; beauty that doesn’t come from anyone else; but a beauty that makes them who they are; I want topremote the-idea that women are-truly and-significantly beautiful the way they are. For this confidence will help many women with serious problems such as depression, anorexia/bulimia, lack of self confidence, and so many other problems women deal with. For by women knowing the-beauty they have they will be able-to embrace- who they are; and make-a direct impact on so many other women around them.
I want to give-women the oopportunity 10 choose- a life of innerself, a life of love, hope; and happiness because- they love-who they are; I believe- that through my educational plans that I will be able to have-a direct impact on many women. For Christian Ministries is’ all about people, so therefore- I . can be able to encourage- women at not only my University, hut through my church, missions; outreaches; and in everyday life. For life-should be about telling others that they matter,and let’s face it women matter. And they matter not because of their outer appearance, but because of their inner goals, desires, and passions. ——

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