Principles of Finance I — Assignment 1

Principles of Finance I
1 – 2 paragraphs for each response
Discussion #1 – For all organizations, especially public-traded companies, one of the main goals of the organization is to maximize the value of the firm. 
1. Discuss if maximizing the value of the firm is an appropriate goal. 
2. Consider an organization’s CSR program. Does maximizing the value of the firm come at the cost of the CSR program? When forming your thoughts, consider Apple and Microsoft. Apple is a company that does not have a rigorous CSR program. Instead, they focus on maximizing the most profits possible. On the other hand, Microsoft and Bill Gates is one of the most “giving” companies in the business world today. 
Which scenario is better for society and the organization?
Discussion #2 – Financial management has a close relationship to economics on the one hand and accounting on the other. 
Provide specific examples of this relationship in terms of the micro and macro environment and the accounting industry. Use at least two YouTube video that supports your responses.

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