Preventing Cyber Crime Targeted at the Family

Preventing Cyber Crime. The Internet and the World Wide Web contain a wealth of valuable data and information for families. However, with all that good come unwelcome elements, too. Many activities on the Internet are, and can be, very disruptive to the family. Every family unit is unique, and as such, each family must define proper rules of Internet engagement and usage. Everything stated in the previous sections could apply, and perhaps should apply. However, you should define what is right and proper for your family

Internet access in the family

Popular suggestions for Internet access in the family, and the prevention of inappropriate or dangerous behavior include the following: ■ Make sure there is an open screen policy—meaning the computer display faces the doorway and is exposed for all to see.

  • Establish time limits on computer use and Internet access.
  • Try to separate the game systems from the educational system—many families have a computer for games, and another for homework. Having an Xbox, Playstation, or similar device helps.
  • Talk honestly and frankly about the good, bad, and ugly found on the Internet with your children.
  • Limit your exposure, and theirs, by not posting too much personal data on the Web—especially at sites like MySpace,YouTube, and similar spots.
  • Chat rooms are full of dirty old men. If you are okay with your 12- year-old communicating with degenerates posing as overly anxious pubescent friends—go for it! Or just say no to chat rooms.
  • Let your children know you will read their chats and e-mails, and will contact their friends from time to time.Then, make sure you do so and review those contacts and communications that are inappropriate for your family.
  • Let your spouse know you have a keylogger and to beware. Cyber Crime Prevention.
  • Do not keep child pornography a secret. It is contraband and you must report it to the authorities. In line with that idea, you should seek help for family members who use it.
  • Visit, read, and print out those items and suggestions from the following sites, as well as similar ones.These sites have great ideas, lists, and more helpful information for you and your family.

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