Prevent Cyber Crime Targeted at Business

Prevent Cyber Crime. Each business, company, and/or corporation has policies or procedures, or at least they should, for installing and maintaining software to protect their intellectual data and property, the information regarding their employees, and the communications of their employees. We have discussed several of these tools, anti-virus, anti-spyware, e-mail spam filters, and firewalls. In addition, many businesses utilize some form of network intrusion detection software (NIDS). Unlike individual or family users, however, corporate users are targets of malware or malicious software. Malware is intent-driven and includes These unwanted and undesirable software programs are designed to penetrate and damage computer systems—in short, to bring a network or Web site server down.

“Dealing with viruses, spyware, PC theft, and other computer-related crimes costs U.S. businesses a staggering $67.2 billion a year, according to the FBI.The FBI calculated the price tag by extrapolating results from a survey of 2,066 organizations.The survey, released Thursday, found that 1,324 respondents, or 64 percent, suffered a financial loss from computer security incidents over a 12-month period.”2 As you can see, if your business is not protected, if you do not have policies and procedures in place, and if you do not adhere to the rules of the Internet world, you will suffer a loss in both real and unrealized opportunities and costs!

Cyber-crime on Business

  • Understand what your business’s appropriate and inappropriate use policies are, and then follow them.
  • Continue to use the prevention methods discussed for individuals, families, and property.
  • Follow and enforce strict password management policies.
  • Clearly communicate security solutions to all employees.
  • Establish proper audit policies for user accounts, computer accounts, and management tools for server communication.
  • Do not possess unauthorized information or corporate intellectual property.
  • Do not distribute or use pirated software.
  • Do not provide access to your computer to any unauthorized individual.
  • Stay informed about changes to your phone, Internet, intranet, and computer access.
  • Report any cyber threats, intimidation, stalking, or harassment.
  • Don’t assume your Web use or e-mail communication is private and confidential at work.
  • It isn’t and it can be used against you. So, DO NOT commit crimes at work.
  • Contact the FBI to report any type of corporate, medical, pharmaceutical, financial, or security fraud. Go to the following site to learn more about the Corporate Fraud Initiative:

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