Prevalence of smoking in mental health patients

Prevalence of smoking in mental health patients


Prevalence of smoking in mental health patients. Background of Project Need
• Using no more than one (1) sentence, state why this topic or problem is clinically
significant to address in the identified clinical area. It is important to build a case for
the need for the project. Convince the reader that the identified topic or problem is
worth exploring and is significant.
Project Purpose Statement
• Describe the purpose of the project. Using no more than one (1) sentence, explain why
this issue is important to nursing practice (within the realm of the student’s
specialty focus and advanced nursing role specialization).
Project Aim and Objectives

Why is there such a high prevalence of tobacco use in schizophrenia


• State one (1) overarching aim that identifies the expected final outcome of the
• List three (3) objectives (specific goals) that support the overarching aim. SMART
(specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) objectives should be evident.
Are the objectives appropriate to meet the identified need and realistic to accomplish
within the project’s short implementation phase?

What is the prevalence of tobacco?

• List at least three (3) but no more than five (5) activities/strategies (i.e. best practices,
evidence-based guidelines, national organization recommendations, etc.) that are being
considered for implementation.
Plan for Sustainability
• Using no more than one (1) sentence, describe a plan for sustainability of the project.
This plan may include financial, systems, or political realities, not only theoretical

How does smoking relate to mental health?

Pre-Needs Assessment
• Using no more than one (1) sentence, describe the need for the project in the
organization chosen for implementation and how this information was obtained.
(i.e. personal communication from an administrator, QI officer, clinical educator,
or key stakeholder, etc.)
• Using no more than one (1) sentence, identify key stakeholders who may affect
or be affected by the project outcomes.
• Using no more than one (1) sentence describe how the identified need is
strategically aligned with the system’s mission and overall goals. Are the values
of the organization consistent with the project’s overarching aim?