Pretest Survey Question

Pretest Survey Question

Pretest Survey Question

Purpose: This assignment aims to prepare you to collect data for your DNP project.  As part of that preparation you will create a simple survey, plan for your data analysis, and develop a participant information sheet.  You will complete it with the following information:


  1. Create a unique method for your participant to identify themselves to link their pre-test and post-test responses without revealing their identity to you.
  • The identifier should be something the participant can readily recall but not identifiable to you.
  • An example would be First three letters of your mother’s first name, the first 3 numbers of your driver’s license, and the last three letters of the street you grew up on.
  • An example of how this would look is: jes123dge
    • The mother’s first name is: Jessica
    • Driver’s license begins with 123
    • The street grew up on Breckenridge

Identify a planned descriptive data analysis for each question

  1. Write 5 questions for your peers.  This is to help you gain practice for your DNP project. You will need to fulfill the following criteria:
    • The five questions should have one the following levels of measurement:
      • One nominal question.
      • One ordinal question.
      • One interval question.
      • One ratio question.
      • One qualitative question.
    • At least ONE demographic question.
    • At least ONE question that is subjective and could (or will change) based on the day (such as mood, weather temperature, tiredness, comfortable clothes).
    • NO specialty specific questions (i.e., don’t ask specific NICU questions – all classmates are from different specialty backgrounds and would not be able to answer).
    • NO political questions
    • Identify a planned descriptive data analysis for each question.

Measures of central tendency


  1. Discuss how you are going to protect your participants’ data.
    • Review the Belmont Report.
    • This is the informed consent portion.
    • Even when not collecting identifiable information, you need to provide specific details (i.e., Information sheet).
    • Identify a planned descriptive data analysis for each question. measures of central tendency, cross tabs, frequency counts, correlations, etc.
      Refer to Laerd Statistics if you need help with descriptive statistics.

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