Press release

Press release

Press release. A press release is a written statement to the media. It can announce many things….in our case we will use it to announce your new brand as well as a new sponsorship, partnership or event that will expand the presence of your new brand. Your press release should be directed to a traditional fashion media outlet, such as Vogue, WWD or The New York Times. Please be sure to disclose the media outlet you are choosing here to best move your message forward. Also, please note that a store opening for a new brand (remember…. you are not opening a store) or the introduction of a new brand at a fashion show is generally not “newsworthy” and may not receive the desired attention from your desired media outlet. Please think outside the box!



How to Write a things for news

Press release
The partnership or planned event must make sense with respect to your brand and your target customer.

An example of a recent partnership would be Puma and Rihanna (be sure to read the WWD article posted this week)
An example of an event would be participating in a trade show or charity event. Again, make it relevant to your audience!
For this assignment, be sure to review (and use) the “How to Write a Press Release” in this week’s module before writing your own press release. The samples posted there are great examples, as well.

Be sure to start with an eye-catching headline and follow with relevant and engaging copy. I look forward to reading about some of your ideas to push your brand forward to the media and to your target customer!

Written work must be double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12-point font. Please pay close attention to spelling and grammar.

How do you write it for beginners?