Presidential Elections

Presidential Elections. I intend to delve into election participation as my main topic. Election participation is meaningful because there have been a massive number of the population that does not vote. People have failed to vote despite meeting all the thresholds set out for voters. Therefore, it is essential to explore election participation as a single topic to explicitly understand why some people do not vote regardless of their age. This topic is relevant to my interview because I focused on election participation by interviewing an individual who has been voting since the early 1990s. As a result, Mr. Chandra’s insight revealed vital things concerning people who vote and those who do not vote. Thus, I will incorporate this topic and narrow down to why people do not vote as an entirety.  One of the main questions I am trying to address in this study is why some people fail to vote despite meeting the voting threshold? I will seek to answer this question by digging deep into the voting patterns in the presidential elections.
I have learned various significant aspects by exploring this topic. Firstly, I have learned that some people do not utilize their democratic voting space in presidential elections. These crucial insights help understand the underlying reasons for the varied voter turnout in different presidential elections. From the study, it is evident that many people opt to stay out of presidential elections despite being a paramount right to choose their leaders. There are also  some stereotypes about the voting patterns of some races that I learned from the study. Thirdly, I have realized that people of color have their reasons for supporting either the democrat party or the republican. Thus, delving into this study will ensure that I grasp vital opinions on why specific races support either of the two main parties. When searching for election participation, I bumped into vital key terms. The key words included but not limited to, diversity in politics, race, and politics, and American democracy. Thus, these keywords will be influential in my study of the topic, election participation.
The main places I will search for vital information concerning my studies are Google Scholar, library databases, and government websites. The selected sites contained detailed and credible information that will help me advance my study. I will also utilize EBSCOhost to find additional information about my study. EBSCOhost has been influential because it contains credible sources. Besides credibility, these sites are also easy to navigate. I will also utilize YouTube for videos that include views and debates about the presidential elections.
For my alternative argument project, I will explore ways that can be used to ensure massive voter turnout in the next presidential elections. By delving into this alternative project, I will be able to understand some of the effective measures that can be implemented to encourage huge voter turnout across all races. The medium that I seek to use for my alternative project is open letter to post on the Internet . I believe the Internet  is widely used, so I will be able to reach a vast audience.
Summarily, presidential elections are the best opportunity to make your vote count. This is because it provides an opportunity for the election of the leaders an individual admires. However, a massive number of people do not vote despite attaining the required voting threshold. Thus, there is a need to explore the aspect of election participation to understand the surrounding issues. Apart from online sources, how can I get individual opinions? How do I avoid bias when collecting views from different races?

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