Finally, you are given the opportunity to show your peers what you have been up to this term! Be sure to make the most of this valuable feedback.
For the final course project, you will be creating a grant-proposal paper to secure funding for your proposed action-research project. In the previous assignments, you have been working on tasks related to the final course project.
In M1: Assignment 3 (attached), you identified an area of emphasis for your action-research project and explained its scope.
In M2: Assignment 2 (attached), you created a detailed concept map of the community that you are researching.
To continue preparing for the final course project, do the following:

Submit a draft of your presentation. 
Present a two-paragraph self-assessment along with the draft of your presentation. For the self-assessment, do the following:

In the first paragraph, explain where you feel the strength of your presentation lies.
In the second paragraph, outline aspects with which you might require additional feedback and assistance.

Post the draft of your presentation and self-assessment to the Discussion Area. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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