Prejudice and Justice System

I believe that prejudice exists in the criminal justice system. Numerous studies have evidence that have shown prejudice on defendants of color. Social scientists conclude that compared to white defendants, minority groups face a greater chance of prison and severe sentences for identical offenses (Killing With Prejudice). Nearly 51 percent of individuals in a study conducted in Philadelphia, believe that police are more likely to use excessive force against black or Hipic suspects than white suspects.
Minorities are more likely to be victims of police brutality. Not only are minorities treated poorly but also numbers of minorities are sent to trail for non-violent crimes because of discrimination (Racial Discrimination). Of the nearly 2. 1 million adult men and women imprisoned in the United States, roughly 70% are persons of color. People of color are imprisoned disproportionately due to racist laws, and are harassed and mistreated by U.
S. agencies. Although people of color commit most crimes at the same rate as Whites, the unequal targeting and treatment of people of color throughout the criminal justice system, from arrest to sentencing, results in the disproportionate imprisonment of people of color (System as Racist). Hipics and Blacks who have no criminal record are far more likely to be sentenced than White defendants with no criminal record.

Hipics are twice as likely as Whites to face prison time instead of probation, a fine, or time in a county jail (Racial Prejudice). Blacks are more likely to be sentenced to prison for the same crime than Whites. One third of people of color sentenced to prison would have received a shorter sentence if they had been treated in court the same way as White defendants facing similar charges (System as Racist).

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