Predicted Election in the United States

Predicted Election. Choose five States from the U.S, minus Nebraska and Maine, which will have the narrowest margin of victory on Election Day. These are so-called “swing states” and they will most certainly decide the election. For each state you choose: •Create a detailed analysis of the state as far as its population, its recent voting history, its economy, changing demographics, relationship to the military, and any other factors that you believe will impact voter behavior. •Make a prediction as to which candidate , Joe Biden or Donald Trump, will win the state including a full explanation to support your choice. In addition to the white house being up for grabs this year, the fate of the senate as well as the House will be decided on election Day as every member of the House and 1/3rd of all senators are up for re-election. For each of the five races: •Write a full analysis of the race, dating back to the primary elections. •Speculate as to appeal of each candidate, as well as their drawbacks. •Make a prediction as to who will win the race, including a full explanation as to why.

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