preapre a documentation based on job duties of the project

Please find the attached copies.
Project description,
Project milestones,
salesforce technical development document. 

(sample documents for your reference)

Please find the  job duties below and prepare documentation accordingly to attached sample document.

Job duties of sales force business analyst:
1) Responsible for gathering and Creating Custom Objects, Tabs, Custom Apps, Workflows,
Approval processes, Validate Rules, Page Layouts, Data Mapping, Data Export and Imports,
Application Support, Security Administration, Maintenance, and User Security Management, Creating Reports, Dashboards,
 Apex Triggers, Apex classes, Data migration, SOQL, SOSL Queries.
2)Responsible to build standard report templates, data validation, and issue research/resolution,
Strong analytical, reporting, Excel, and database skills, extensive knowledge of CRM software (experience administering and configuring application and Oracle ERP applications).
3)Work with various objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Reports, and created custom objects based on Business need.
4)Work as a Sales Force Chatter APP with the organization and regularly participated in the meetings and chatter community.
5)Create New Reports, New Dash Boards, and worked on Data Loader by uploading about close to a million records and experienced in cleansing and De-duplicating bulk loads.
6) Implement pick lists, dependent pick lists, lookups, master detail relationships, validation and formula fields to custom objects.


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