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PowerPoint Needed!! No Plagiarism!

PowerPoint Needed!! No Plagiarism!. Due Week 6 and worth 150 pointsDevelop a PowerPoint presentation (12-18 slides in length).  It should include a title slide, an agenda slide, body content slides, a closing slide, and a references slide (if applicable). All slides count toward the required length.
The content should focus on some aspect of social media use in the workplace.  Potential examples include the importance of companies embracing social media, advertising through social media, policies involving social media, proper professional communication through social media platforms, or any number of other angles.
The presentation must be submitted in .PPT or .PPTX format.  Any other submission formats will be returned ungraded.
The PowerPoint presentation must adhere to the following requirements:


Address some aspect of social media use in the workplace.
Organize the presentation in a clear, logical manner.
Provide between 12-18 total slides.
Assume your target audience is familiar with the overall concept of social media.


Follow the design requirements from Chapter 12-3 (pages 218-223) in BCOM9.
Format the PowerPoint presentation with headings on each slide, and two to three (2-3) relevant graphics (photographs, graphs, clip art, etc.) throughout the presentation (not per slide), ensuring that the presentation is visually appealing and readable from 18 feet away.
Open with an engaging introduction (including one title slide and one introduction slide).
For the body of your presentation, cover the main points of your subject. Create slides that reinforce and illustrate your main ideas.
For your single closing slide, finish with a memorable wrap-up statement that refocuses on the purpose of your presentation.
Slides should cite any relevant outside sources using footnotes on relevant slides (the source should be clearly visible to the audience) OR in SWS format (in-text citations on slides and an included references page at the end of the presentation).  Choose one method or the other (do not mix both).

Clarity / Mechanics:

Focus on clarity, writing mechanics, and professional language/style requirements.
Run spell/grammar check before submitting.

Your assignment must be completed in PowerPoint (using either .PPT or .PPTX format). Your professor may provide additional instructions.
Assignments must be submitted through the online course shell only.
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Plan, create, and evaluate professional documents.
Write clearly, coherently, and persuasively using proper grammar, mechanics, and formatting appropriate to the situation.
Deliver professional information to various audiences using appropriate tone, style, and format.
Develop presentation skills for use in the professional environment.

To download the assignment instructions provided above and assignment rubric, click here.  
Below 60% F
Meets Minimum Expectations
60-69% D
70-79% C
80-89% B
90-100% A
1. Submission meets the content requirements outlined in assignment details.
Weight: 30%
Submission content missing multiple required elements, has multiple issues with development of content, or does not relate to the stated requirements.
Submission missing at least one noted content requirement and has multiple issues with development of provided content items.
Submission is missing at least one requirement or has specific development issues with provided content items.
Submission includes all stated requirements and most are well developed.
Submission includes all stated requirements and is well developed.
2. Assignment meets the format requirements outlined in assignment details.
Weight: 25%
Assignment makes little or no attempt to meet the stated format requirements.
Assignment is missing at least two format requirements (or there are major errors as noted in comments).
Assignment is missing at least one format requirement and/or has 4-5 minor errors.
Assignment includes all stated format requirements and has 2-3 minor errors.
Assignment includes all stated format requirements and has 0-1 minor errors.
3. Audience, purpose, and overall effectiveness of the PowerPoint Presentation.
Weight: 30%
The PowerPoint Presentation is not properly targeted, the purpose is unclear, and/or the message is ineffective in achieving its goal(s).
The PowerPoint Presentationhas major errors in at least two of the areas (audience, purpose, or overall effectiveness).
The PowerPoint Presentationhas a major error in at least one of the areas (audience, purpose, or overall effectiveness). 
The PowerPoint Presentationmostly addresses the proper audience, generally achieves its purpose, and is somewhat effective.
The PowerPoint Presentation addresses the proper audience, achieves its purpose, and is effective.
4. Clarity, writing mechanics, professional language/style requirements.
Weight: 15%
More than 8 errors present.
7-8 errors present.
5-6 errors present.
3-4 errors present.
0-2 errors present.

PowerPoint Needed!! No Plagiarism!

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