Powerful people can make others powerless

Have you ever felt useless, unwanted or completely powerless? In many schools this is a frequent occurrence. Many powerful or popular people have the ability to create the Illusion that you are worthless. How would you enjoy the experience of being one of the powerless students. Having to enter the school grounds every day in utter fear. Scurrying your way through the locker bays with the expressed desire of avoiding the possibility of being tormented by the powerful. They can can determine how we feel, owe we think and ultimately who we are.
This must be altered. Primarily, day after retched day students either experience or are exposed to some form of bullying. An astonishing number of students are victims of bullying and this is the leading cause of depression in teenagers. According to documenting. Org over 3. 2 million students encounter bullying every year. If bullying was to prevail the victims might begin to perceive the world as a horrible and unforgiving place. Then the only reliable way to escape what seems like torture is to commit a sorrowful act.
An act which would tear a family heart apart, seclude. There has been several bullying related suicides In the past year. Furthermore, bullying has spiraled in the 21st century and the many different forms of bullying have escalated. Now there is cyber bullying, the most common and the most cowardly. This is where one can simply hide behind the screen of an electronic device and pepper someone with insults. There is also verbal bullying, physical bullying, estranging and humiliation. Imagine the feeling of being completely humiliated In front of the entire school.

Everyone pointing and gingering at you, sharing their crude comments about you to one another. In the olden days you had the privacy of your home and you were safe there. Now in this modern day and age there is no escape, even when you are situated at home, as the internet provides a gateway to your private life to the world. Now picture a world In complete harmony. Where If you were honored with the title of a powerful one, you would harness the ability In a way that would benefit everyone. This would create a much more inviting and nurturing learning environment for fellow peers.
No student will have to learn in fear and they will view the world for what it should be. A place filled with enjoyment, love and respect for everyone which would allow students to strive to their full potential no matter who they are. A 12 year old girl once said “l known I’m only a child, yet I know we’re all In the this together and should act as one single world towards one single goal” – Severe Caulis Suzuki Everyone student should enjoy learning. They should enter the school grounds full of excitement and should be eager to learn and also obtain a positive outlook on life.
If we were to harness the power In a positive way and combine as one, we could potentially surpass any expectations of where this world could be. As I stated In my in that phrase was illusion. An illusion is something that deceives the mind by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. Some people gain power from subjugating others, they should use the power to inspire and influence others. For we were produced for a reason. We were made to change this world. We all contain the power. The power to change the world.

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