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Course Learning Objective: Describe the key elements of Information System adoption within a firm
Utilizing learning objectives from the course, develop a strategy on implementing an information systems model for a mid-size firm.
Create a power point presentation outlining 3-5 key concepts that could be from any of the weeks.  Explain how the concept/term would be used in the development of an information system model for the firm.
Your PowerPoint presentation should be at least 8 slides in length (not including the Title page and Reference page). Ensure that your sources are properly cited using APA formatted guidelines and include professional graphics. 
Assessment Parameters:
1. Accurate description and reference of all concepts and theories learned from course material.
2. Practical examples of concepts that lead to continuing interest in the topic.
3. Synthesis of concepts and theories from other course activities.
4. Well-organized, clearly presented work ( free from excessive spelling and grammatical errors
5. Properly cited sources using APA 6th edition.

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