Powdered Milk as Casein Glue

Powdered Milk as Casein (Anacardium Occidentale) Used as Alternative Glue A Research Paper Submitted to the Faculty of Victorious Christian Montessori – Imus Block 11 Lot 36 Tacloban St. Southern City Tanzang Luma, Imus Cavite In Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for Graduation (Grade School) Rachelle Ann Calaustro Dylan Andrei Paus March 2O13 DEFINE INTRODUCTION In our Grade School Life, we are really going to need glue. First problem is some of students can’t afford expensive glue because of difficulty in money; the effect is, now the students are enabled to do their project or artwork because of lack of glue.
The second problem, glue can be a risk for the children to use because some of glue has toxic chemicals that can harm them. And the researchers don’t want that to happen. The researchers thought of an idea that will solve the problems of many people. So the researchers come up with the idea of using Powdered Milk as Casein Glue. This glue is non-toxic and is eco-friendly. This cannot harm the children and is much cheaper than the glue that is sold in the stores because some of the ingredients can usually find in the house. It becomes ore interesting for the children to use it because we add some coloring in them. Project Charter Objectives 1. To provide glue that is non-toxic so it won’t be a risk for the children/people to use it. To test and compare the level of adhesiveness, texture, color and odor perceived by the selected users ( Pupils and Teachers ) Significance of the Study The researchers believed that the result of this study benefited the following: 1. To the Students. This will help the students in their project or artworks in class or in the house. 2. To the Kids.
This will not harm the kids if they accidentally eat it. 3. To the People. This will help them to consider our glue instead of other glue. 4. Researchers. This will help them to analyze what is the importance of making an eco-friendly project. Scope and Delimitation (Focus and Directions) The study covers only to produce and test the effectiveness of powdered milk as casein glue. DEFINITION OF TERMS Curd- are a dairy product obtained by curdling (coagulating) milk with rennet or an edible acidic substance such as lemon juice or vinegar, and then draining off the liquid portion.

The increased acidity causes the milk proteins (casein) to tangle into solid masses, or curds. Coagulate- To cause transformation of (a liquid or solid) into or as if into a soft, semisolid, or solid mass. Casein (AnacardiumOccidentale) -is a protein that is found in milk and used independently in many foods as a binding agent. Technically, it is part of a group called phosphoproteins, collections of proteins bound to something containing phosphoric acid. It may also be called caseinogens, particularly in Europen food. Ingredients and Materials Needed Powdered milk |White Vinegar | |Baking soda | Water | |Food Coloring |Sieve | |Container |Measuring Cups Procedure: 1. Heat a casserole with 168 grams of milk powder and 1 liter of water. 2. Stir the milk powder until everything is dissolved. 3.
Turn off the stove, and then add 56 ml vinegar. 4. After stirring, separate the curd from the whey using a sieve. 5. Place the curd into a pan then add little water and a tablespoon of baking soda. 6. Heat the mixture until it starts to bubble. Stir it and let it cool. 7. Add drops of food color until you get the right color that you want. 8. Put it in the container then put it in the refrigerator to let it cool. MEASURE |MATERIALS: |COST: | |Powdered Milk 80 g. |23. 50 Php | |Baking Soda 125 g. No budget required | |White Vinegar |No budget required | |Food Color (optional) 20 ml |No budget required | |Water |No budget required | |Sieve |No budget required | |Container |10. 00 Php | Methodology Method of Research The method that we used is descriptive research. Method of Collecting Data The researchers collect the information and data mostly in the market and in the house. Another method of collecting data used was survey. Time and Place of Study The study was conducted in the Victorious Christian Montessori- Imus. Statistical Tools
The following are the statistical tools that used in this research as an instrument basis for quantitative analysis, sufficient interpretation of an existing data. A. Frequency – it is a statistical treatment wherein data are organized and counted into a desired form. B. Percentages – the percentages of a given frequency is obtained by dividing the frequency with the total number of frequencies or number of population then multiply the quotient by 100. The formula is: F P= ——– x 100 N Where: P = percentage F = frequency N = total number of respondents Advantages of Powdered Milk as Casein(AnacardiumOccidentale) used as an Alternative Glue: 1.
It is safe for the children to use because it’s only made of milk. 2. It is environmentally friendly because we don’t use chemicals that can harm the environment. 3. It’s easy to prepare. 4. It has pleasant odor than the one that is sold in the bookstore. Disadvantages of Powdered Milk as Casein (AnacardiumOccidentale) used as an Alternative Glue: 1. It’s not quick to dry. Summary The researchers conduct this study to determine if the glue made of milk powder is really effective. The researchers found out that it is only craft glue which means it is effective on different kinds of paper and other things for art. The descriptive research was conducted at Block 11 Lot 36 Tacloban St.
Southern City, Tanzang Luma, Imus, Cavite. The milk powder has protein casein. Liquid casein is natural glue that’s why milk is able to be glue. Another method of collecting data used was a survey. It was used for the respondents so they can test it if it really works. We prepare survey forms for the respondents, and every survey form has written questionnaire that they would have to answer while testing the produced product and the commercialized product. As we did the survey some of them have negative answers while the other has positive answers. Conclusion The following conclusion has been made after undertaking and studying the survey forms.
According to the survey 10 out of 12 agrees that our produced product has strong adhesiveness and 2 out 12 says that it has only moderate adhesiveness. On the Level of Texture there are 11 out of 12 who says that it is smooth and there are 1 out of 12 that says it is slightly rough. On the Level of Color 11 out of 12 respondents says that it has bright color and 1 of 12 respondents says that it has dull color. On the Level of Odor 10 out of 12 says that it has pleasant odor and 2 out 12 says that it has unpleasant odor. Recommendation We recommend the students and children to use it because it doesn’t have chemicals that can harm them. We recommend using the glue only for art materials. It’s easier to do this at home instead at school.

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