postpartum depression among adolescent mothers

postpartum depression among adolescent mothers. Background on the impacts of postpartum depression among adolescent mothers. 
Describe the problem, its magnitude (e.g., prevalence), who it affects, how, why it is important (e.g., impacts on health, public health, costs, mortality, morbidity, quality of life), and where (if relevant). No need to include what postpartum depression is. Please include causes or risk factors of PPD for adolescent mothers in comparison to their adult counterparts differentiating how this population ( adolescent mothers ) is different and more vulnerable than their adult counterparts. And include how detection for PPD among teen moms is insufficient.

Negative consequences

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a debilitating illness with negative consequences for affected mothers and their children (e.g., poor maternal-infant attachment, deficits in children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development). While it is suggested that adolescent mothers are at increased risk of PPD, there is a paucity of research exploring factors that place adolescent mothers at risk. This systematic review aims to identify risk factors associated with adolescent PPD and appraise the quality of this evidence-base.

Postpartum depression among adolescent

Research on adolescent mothers has revealed increasing rates of depressive symptoms in the postpartum period. This review integrated 12 research-based articles to provide a better understanding of depression among adolescent mothers in the first year postpartum. The results revealed that more family conflict, fewer social supports, and low self-esteem all were associated with increased rates of depressive symptoms in adolescent mothers during the first postpartum year.


There is limited literature addressing adolescent postpartum depression, but there has been a significant growth of interest in recent years. There is a need for more randomized control trials to establish gold standards for assessing depression in adolescent mothers and standards for treatment in these patients. Awareness of risk factors for healthcare professionals working with pregnant adolescents is of high importance to better facilitate early identification and to provide support for adolescents at risk.

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