Post Discussion Week(for Noorfatima)

Instructions: Students will participate in the discussion and answer the question(s) provided in the current event topic

Current Event 1
A lot of this week’s reading focuses on various aspects of privatizing government run programs in order to decrease costs on the tax payers. The federal government has been contracting with private companies for years in various parts of the government. If you look at military housing for example, most military bases have a private contractor who manages and maintains the housing. The government utilizes contractors to save money in a number of ways such as having to pay benefits or retirements. The article I have chosen to talk about this week discuss how the VA healthcare system is going to begin to privatize in order to save costs on VA run hospitals but more importantly improve quality of care for veterans. Please read the article below and let me know what you think. 

Current Event 2
Should we privatize our military?  Some say yes. Some say no.  Again, personally, I strongly disagree with any type of privatization of the government, especially our military.  The reason is that it will be fairly easy to become dictatorship.  The military will not be neutral.  The soldier’s creep states, “I serve the people of the US.”  If the army forces become privatization, the military will serve for those rich instead of the people of the US, or the rich can occupy any natural resources by the assistance of the military.