Portfolio Assignment: Financial Analysis How’s Business?

Portfolio Assignment: Financial Analysis How’s Business?

The purpose of the assignments in this course is to prepare a portfolio to showcase your learning in the healthcare finance associated course outcomes. There will be at least one portfolio deliverable that corresponds to each course outcome. This assignment is the final deliverable for the quarter’s end.

Detailed Requirements:
For this portfolio assignment, write as if you were going to present your findings and action plan recommendation to the Board of Directors. Submit a paper of 1000 words or more consisting of the following items:

A summary of a healthcare organization that provides provider-based healthcare services, do not choose pharmaceutical companies, medical devices companies, or the like. You may NOT use the same organization from your previous portfolio assignments
An analysis the financial basics of the organization discussing the medical services they offer.
A description of the population they serve and if information permits, the insurances they accept and reimbursement methodologies they utilize.
A discussion of what solid revenue cycle and accounts management should look like in this organization.
A review of their financial statement including a financial condition analysis utilizing financial rationale you’ve learned in this course.
An interpretation of the financial condition analysis and a recommended plan of action for the organization’s Board of Directors.
A reference list of at least 3 resources in the Turabian style.
Hint: Picking a publicly-traded healthcare organization will make it easier to find and obtain the required financial information.

Be sure to review the rubric prior to creating your presentation.

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