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Port Expanders

Port Expanders.
There are no certain types of ports for the many different types of computers now days. Port expanders are computer hardware that allows more than one device to be able to connect to a single port on a computer. The two basic types of pot expanders are the internal and the external. I found that there was a girl on this website by the name of “Cameron head geek”. He is a person that she was able to talk to about the port expanders and at that time he told her that “Well……. MAC’s and PC’s have the same ports. FireWire used to be super popular with MAC’s, but a lot of PC’s had it as well.
FireWire is pretty much phased out now days though”. Some of the disadvantages to port expanders is a lot of them are external and they can be annoying. They get in the way and could use more power and if your power source is not good enough it could be a real big problem when you add more devices it will take up even more power and then that’s not so good. That could cause the computer not to come back on and could also cause you to have to unplug and start all over again. The advantages of using port expanders are that you get more ports more ports to use.
SAS expanders take one port and make many out of them. So say you have one 6gbps, and you expand it so you can connect 8 devices. The total throughput on all 8 ports is only 6gbps, or about 80MBPS. Even in regular hard drives can do 80MBPS, so in reality you could see a bottleneck here, but in practice you probably will be fine? In Some cases SAS expanders are cheaper than getting an equal number of “real” ports. But at the same time it depends on how much you plan on using it and also how much you really want to pay for these items.

In this paper I was able to understand the fact that the expander port are not just for using of one type of computer but that they are also able to be used for many different types and that many different types are not just a good thing they have many different types of bad uses also and that sometimes you many think that they are a good thing but at the same time they are a really bad thing. So, all in all they can be good but at the same time they can also be a really bad thing. The information of this paper was found on the website of: www. eugenecomputergeeks. com

Port Expanders

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