Political Opinions as a function of Socio-Economic Status

Political Opinions as a function of Socio-Economic Status. Perceived lower rank in the social class hierarchy reflects an individual’s relative lack of perceived social and economic worth in society. In the current study we tested the predictions that lower perceptions of social class rank elicit both reduced political participation and lower political self-efficacy. Study 1 found that students with lower perceived social class were less likely to seek information about student government.

You will be required to submit two research papers. Written assignment #1 will be due at the end of Unit 4 and written assignment #2 will be due at the end of Unit 7. Each paper will allow you to broaden your understanding of a particular sociological concept. This paper should be 2-3 pages of content in length and include 3 outside references (not including your text). It is also important that at least one of these references be a scholarly journal article (peer reviewed).

Study 2 found that perceptions of political self-efficacy accounted for the relationship between perceived social class rank and political participation. Study 3 established causal associations between perceived social class and political participation—a momentary manipulation of elevated perceived social class increased political efficacy and intentions to participate in politics.

Political Opinions

This study investigates whether education or income has a stronger effect on the political divide in climate change opinion, and to what extent these factors influence the opinions of conservative white males. Across climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, and policy preferences, we found that higher education and higher income may increase differences in opinion between liberals and conservatives.

However, education appears to have a stronger effect than income in the dismissive views of conservative white males: education is consistently associated with greater polarization between conservative white males and all other adults in the U.S. Conversely, for moderate and liberal adults, higher education, as well as income, is related to greater acceptance, concern about climate change, and policy support.

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