Policy Making in the Health Care Industry

Policy Making in the Health Care Industry. There is a great need to improve the performance of the healthcare sector in the United States. The access to healthcare, quality of care and cost of healthcare in the country varies from state to state, city to city and hospital to hospital. Therefore, to achieve better healthcare performance, there is need for targeted actions and policies. The passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 targets insurance coverage, market reforms and improving delivery of healthcare (Health Care, 2018). The policy makers have a responsibility to improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare industry.

Policy Making

Different efficient approaches can be used to measure the outcomes of healthcare policies.  One approach focuses on measuring the health outcomes achieved per dollar spent on health care (Schpbach, Chandra, & Huckman, 2016). This approach focuses on measuring the improvement of value of care provided to individuals. An improvement in value occurs when there is an increase in quality and decrease in cost. An efficient way to assess the improvement of quality of care would be by asking patients about their experience. The patient feedback can be captured through a system that measures the value of care. The patient would be asked if they would recommend a similar service to their friends, family or colleagues to assess customer loyalty. Patients who received quality care would recommend the service to their friends and family while those who didn’t would discourage their friends and family from seeking service from the organization.



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