Policy analysis

The purpose of this project is to provide the student with first-hand knowledge of what laws look like.  For this assignment, you will be assigned a law enacted by a recent Congress and prepare a report as follows:
A. Introduction, which includes the name of the law and when it was enacted.B. The intent of the law, which includes the reason the law was introduced.C. The legislative history of the law, which includes its original sponsor and the Committees involved in its development.D. The final vote on the law, which includes the Senate Vote (Republicans “for,” Republicans “against,” Democrats “for,” and Democrats “against”) and the House Vote (Republicans “for,” Republicans “against,” Democrats “for,” and Democrats “against”).E. Any actual data as to the success or failure of the law to satisfy its intended purpose.
​Your report should include at least five academic or official government sources, all of which you will cite.  Please refer to the UIC policies governing citations and academic integrity for more information about citations.  Your report is to be typed and utilize Times New Roman font size 12 with one-inch margins.  It is anticipated your report will be approximately eight to ten pages in length

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Public Allies

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Strategic Analysis Report

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