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Police Force Abusing Their Power

Police Force Abusing Their Power.
I am interested in law enforcement. Police officers is one of the three most important components of the criminal justice system of the United States. There are three different types of police officers they are Federal, State, county. The basics to become a Police officer is you have to be 21 of age and have no felonies. Another basic is you have to go through training which is called BLET, basic law enforcement Training. In 1626, the New york City Sheriffs office was founded. I chose this topic because police officer are an very important to the society.
They are important to save our lives like troops are saving us everyday. is my advisor. My product will be challenging and a learning experience. It is a challenge because police officers issued equipment is not easy to obtain as a civilian. I’m looking for a man/woman who is a police officer or has been through Basic Law Enforcement Training. I understand that plagiarism, which is representing the ideas of others as many own without giving proper credit, is an unethical and illegal practice which can result in serious academic and/or legal consequences.
It is for this reason that avoiding plagiarism, whether during Senior Project, or at any other time, is of great importance to me as a student. Being a student, by its very nature, means developing and practicing high ethical standards and that means avoiding plagiarism. Therefore being aware of plagiarism and academic integrity will be benefit me both now, during the work of this project, and later on during any post-secondary learning I may

Police Force Abusing Their Power

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