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1. Certainly historical events strong a form association and influence in our political beliefs and analysis. For example, during times of economic uncertainty people may be more amenable to strong government intervention to “help” the economy. During good economic times, they more be less amenable to government “interference” so as to avoid disrupting the cycle. Other examples include times of war and peace (strong military spending versus low military spending), and so on.

What are some other examples you all can think of and share?
***200 words response with app reference and in text citation

2. There are certain basic beliefs about participation in, and the political process itself,  based on:
–          Participation is a right.
–          Voting matters.
–          Every vote is equal in value.
–          A large voter turnout is good.
–          Elections are fair.
–          Majority rule determines outcomes.
We learn about this through various as you all have discussed this week. 

 Does this process of political socialization from your own perspective emphasize one of the factors more so than another? 
***200 words response app reference and in text citation

3. Review the table of contents in your textbook to discover the types of issues that nurses face. Several of the issues will be covered in this course, but more are listed in the textbook.

***Journal topic: Is there is there a nursing shortage?***

Reflect on your nursing experiences. Consider how these relate to the issues listed in the textbook. Select and describe one issue that will be the subject of both of your journal entries. Note: Only your instructor will read your journal entries. These will not be shared with your peers. You need to protect the privacy of the individuals and institutions involved so that they remain anonymous. This lets you to be more candid in your comments about what occurred.
Identify the key people involved in the situation. Do not use specific names or locations to protect their privacy, but provide enough detail to give an accurate depiction of their roles in the situation.
Describe the conclusion of the situation and how it was resolved. Was there a satisfactory ending or not? Provide details on why you came to this conclusion. Share the impact this situation continues to have on you.

FORM IS ATTACHED****Each section should have at least a 150 words response. Thanks***

Complete each section. Review the instructions and grading rubric to be sure that you are meeting all the requirements to achieve maximum points.
This is not a scholarly paper. You may write in the first person, and you do not need to follow APA format. However, you are expected to write in complete sentences and use proper grammar and correct spelling.

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