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Journal Prompt for Culture
When we use our own cultural ‘norms’ to evaluate the culture of others, we’re practicing ethnocentrism. When we observe cultural norms that are different from our own without judging them, we are practicing cultural relativism. 
Read the following article “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” (Links to an external site.) ( )By Horace Miner, noticing your reactions. Can you imagine living in this society? Give details from the article to explain why or why not. Can you identify any ethnocentric or culturally relativistic attitudes in your reactions? 

 This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUse Course Material
Specifically refer to course concepts in your discussion using material from assigned readings, videos and/or discussion.

 Connect Course Material to Your Experience
Write about connections you see between the course material and your life experiences. You can also relate course concepts to things you see, hear or read about in the media (if you do this, let me know where you found the media, i.e. NYTimes on 8/19 and include a link to the article or web page so I can check it out too!)

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