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Choosing a strong brand for a business is an essential part of building business success. This involves a number of steps beginning with the selection of a unique name that won’t infringe on others’ marks, then using the name in a proper and consistent manner to build up consumer recognition and goodwill, and finally, regulating use of the trademark internally and by others to build good will and ensure distinctiveness.

This activity achieves the following course objectives:

Explain the concepts of trademark law
Identify protectable trademark and rights holders
Describe how to preserve ownership rights in trademarks
Discern lawful use of others’ trademarks

Assignment Instructions  
Complete all three parts: (the following is a summary; detailed instructions are in the document below)

Part 1: Select a name, describe the product or service, explain whether the mark is legally strong or weak.

Part 2: Conduct a trademark clearance search, recommend whether or not the mark can safely be used.

Part 3:  Explain how to use the trademark, explain the trademark symbols.

Deliverables Due

A presentation (Keynote or PowerPoint) containing screenshots and responses to the A presentation (Keynote or PowerPoint) containing screenshots an challenges in the activity. 

Please I need this tomorrow…….

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