Please follow directions please include excel spreadsheat

In this assignment, you will continue working on sections for your final project assignment. You will conduct a budget analysis for this assignment.
Using the readings for the week, the South University Online Library, and the Internet, write a 2–3-page budget analysis. Select 2–3 scholarly references on public health program financial plans to use in support of your response. Make sure to include evidence-based information and scholarly references.
Complete the following:

Begin by reviewing the assigned reading materials and the information about implementing and monitoring budgets.
Next, review the previous assignments you completed on your selected health issue or health disease topic.
Develop a cohesive budget to include types of cost analyses. Your budget analysis should be developed using an Excel spreadsheet. Review the readings for this week for examples.
Include the following components in your budget analysis:

Selected Categories
Total Budget
Cumulative Expenses
Dollar Variance
Amount Left to Spend
Percent of Unspent
Percent of Variance

Be sure to calculate the total expenditures, revenue total, and final budget total.

In a 1-page summary in Word format, provide an overview of your budget that includes a mini-synopsis of the significant points. Approach your budget analysis as a practical application and assume you are going to submit it to public health officials to solicit funding for your health program. For this assignment, you will have two deliverables—the summary in Word format and the Excel spreadsheet with your analysis.
Since Microsoft Word and Excel are interconnected programs, you may embed your Excel spreadsheet in your Word document. The Microsoft Office Word Help Guide/Assistance can provide further information about how to embed or link documents.
Submission Details:

Submit one document with both assignments, the overview and the budget, combined in a Microsoft Word document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.
Name your document SU_PHE6202_W4_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
On a separate page, cite all sources using the APA format.


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