Please do a research about Community Assessment (Los Angeles Community) and answer every point. Please recently research and good references. Thanks.

· Indicators of nutrient deficiencies. 
· Obesity rates or percentages: Compare to CDC statistics. 
· Affordability of food/available discounts or food programs and usage (e.g., WIC, food boxes, soup kitchens, meals-on-wheels, food stamps, senior discounts, employee discounts, etc.).
· Availability of water (e.g., number and quality of drinking fountains).
· Fast food and junk food accessibility (vending machines). 
· Evidence of healthy food consumption or unhealthy food consumption (trash, long lines, observations, etc.).
· Provisions for special diets, if applicable.
· For schools (in addition to above):
o Nutritional content of food in cafeteria and vending machines: Compare to ARS 15-242/The Arizona Nutrition Standards (or other state standards based on residence)
o Amount of free or reduced lunch

Elimination (Environmental Health Concerns) – 
· Common air contaminants’ impact on the community.
· Noise. 
· Waste disposal. 
· Pest control: Is the community notified of pesticides usage? 
· Hygiene practices (laundry services, hand washing, etc.).
· Bathrooms: Number of bathrooms; inspect for cleanliness, supplies, if possible.
· Universal precaution practices of health providers, teachers, members (if applicable).
· Temperature controls (e.g., within buildings, outside shade structures).
· Safety (committee, security guards, crossing guards, badges, locked campuses).

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