Write and submit a completely full two-page research paper topic and outline. Please remember to keep this public health focused and the topic needs to include biostatistical related content. 
Ensure you incorporate the following: 
Topic: Select a topic that incorporates both public health and biostatistical related content. Examples of topics include: 
Ø HIV surveillance 
Ø lead poisoning 
Ø smoking prevalence rates 
Ø healthcare acquired infections 
Ø occupational safety 
Ø environmental health 
Ø morbidity reporting 
Introduction: Provide an overview of the topic. Explain why the question is important and give a brief description of the research design. Describe the purpose of research paper in one to two paragraphs. 
Body: Discuss the current status of the topic in two to three paragraphs. Organize this section to discuss the key points that will be included in the research paper. 
Conclusion: Highlight the major areas discussed in the previous section in one to two paragraphs. Be sure to relate the information back to the purpose and relevance of the research. Communicate to the reader while summarizing the topic points. 
Reference: Include a minimum of six APA formatted sources, two must be from an Online Library. Ensure to follow APA style for this assignment.

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