You are required to locate, read, and critique a peer review article on an advanced technology used in corrections’ facilities to reduce the likelihood of contraband being introduced into jails and prisons. 
The first major element of this assignment is, of course, the selection of a topic that is appropriate for the course or the audience. Next, you should identify the premise(s) of your argument in support of the article or refuting what the article purports. The next step is to apply a proper analysis, which is predicated upon some knowledge of the topic, and a review of literature containing contravening arguments made by other researchers or experts. This is followed by putting forth your critical evaluation of the premise(s) of the article under review and supporting your position supported by the literature. Some of the questions you could ask include the questioned listed below. 
§ What biographical data about the author of the article is important? 
1) What are the purpose, tone, and format of the article? 
2) How can the work be interpreted? 
3) Based upon your review of the literature, is there any information in the article that is inaccurate or incomplete? 
4) In what way was the article successful, or did the author succeed in what he or she was trying to accomplish? 
5) How does the author fail? What did you find in your review of the literature that brings you to that conclusion? 
6) Are there any historical, psychological, geographical, gender, racial, cultural, religious, or sexual considerations that have an impact on the article? 
7) The article critique must be in APA style and include the items listed below: 
8) a title page in APA format, 
9) an abstract in APA format, 
10)content that begins on page three, and 
11)the APA references page(s). 
This assignment is a minimum of two pages of content, not counting the title page, abstract, and references pages. 

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