In this first part of the final strategic plan development assignment, you will work on some of the introductory activities related to plan development that we have discussed throughout the course. You should think about an organization that you are interested in and how a strategic planning effort could affect certain organization areas and how it could effectively be implemented. You must use a public sector or nonprofit organization.
During this portion of the process, your submission, which should be at least two pages in length, should include the following components: 
1) an identification of the organization selected and the particular policy or department/area that the plan will be developed for, 
2) an explanation for why the particular area or policy deserves strategic plan attention, 
3) challenges that could arise throughout the strategic planning process, and 
4) a primary, APA-formatted list of no fewer than eight resources (at least six of which must be peer-reviewed) that will be incorporated into this and future portions of the plan development series. This list is in addition to the sources that you will use for this specific portion of the project.  As such, please include two lists: one that only includes sources used in this unit’s assignment and a second one that includes the sources that you plan to use for Units VI, VII, and VIII.
Be sure to select an organization that you are interested in completing the entire three-part project for, and pay close attention to comments and suggestions from the professor left after each submitted portion is returned to you. Each new portion will build off of the previous one. 

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