Philosophy of Life

Philosophy of Life Life is a river! In human life there are many problems human being cannot face it and take his steps aside, where else a river problem are like pebbles in the way river cannot take a step back like the human they still face their problems and reaches toward with the proud and honor. Human life can be likened to the flowing of a river. The Rived’ in which the theme focuses on this phrase: “You know a dream is like a river, ever changing as it flows, and he dreamers just a vessel that must follow where it goes; trying to learn from what’s behind you, and never knowing what’s in store, this makes each day a constant battle just to stay between the shore. ” What is a river? A river is a unique phenomenon of nature. In the river fresh water is being added to the existing water at every moment. The river is constantly moving, and eventually disappears into the evaporation, the lake, or the ocean.
Life is constant motion that eventually merges the elements back into the whole. The elements that made the river are the merged, and recycled. The aspects of life either produced the seeds, or continue to affect the still-living through past actions. That is why it is more enjoyable to accept the temporary nature of life. That way is the illusion of permanence, and loss. Your life begins small, in something like the drops of rain which become small streams and eventually great rivers which flow into the ocean. Like these streams and rivers, we encounter obstacles and challenges.
The streams and rivers overcome the obstacles by wearing them down or finding a path around or through them. At times there are massive floods and huge waterfalls. Then there are the periods of smooth and peaceful flow of the river. The thing is to note that the flow never stops. It continues until the ocean is reached. The river never passes the same point twice and is only at that point for the precious moment that is there. It flows immediately to the next point of the journey. Those few times it does, it becomes stagnant and brackish.

The river goes not struggle and strain, it simply flows on until it reaches its destination. The river at times will change direction because of obstacles encountered, but will continue the journey to reach its goal. When one path is blocked it seeks to find another path. The river is patient, for it knows it will eventually reach its destination. There are many parallels between the river and our lives. As babies and children many small items of input from our outlook on life and influence the way our lives flow.