Personal Philosophy Mission and Vision Statements

Personal Philosophy Mission and Vision Statements. The course signature assignment is a scholarly inquiry into assembling essential elements of a new DNP graduate to initiate practice or add/change specialty. This is a generic assignment; students will individualize it according to their selected specialty requirements, opportunities, and aspirations. The NP Practice Plan will be a scholarly exercise and in a narrative APA format with headings and subheadings as needed. Students may include other relevant appendices detailing lists, collaborative relationships, etc. specific to your entry into your new practice.

Personal Philosophy Mission and Vision Statements

If items are not pertinent to your specific practice, simply provide a sound justification in the area specified under the topic and specify as such in the body of the paper (e.g., in the section requiring cost elaboration of career move entailing relocation here follows an example: Providers are provided housing; although relocation is needed for the position, housing costs are therefore not included and the relocation bill is also satisfied by the recruiter or simply – No relocation necessary). Using your education plan, also include a target date for completion of each item listed. Some may be completed during this exercise and others might have to wait until after you complete your program (or at least the clinical portion of your program to be eligible to apply for a national certification exam within 6 months before your graduation date). After a correctly APA formatted title page, use the Outline criteria as the headings for your paper but do not submit the outline itself.

State your ideal vision for practice to include your population, mission, vision and scope of practice within your ideals. Discuss if you will have an independent practice (if allowed in your state) or with a group, etc. Begin with your first year after graduation or specialty completion. Include: What type of Community do you want to serve:  Describe community of practice setting e.g.; rural, suburban, urban, poverty level, population mix, crime statistics etc.  Place here whatever defines the needs of your practice and what you must do to be prepared to meet the community needs through this practice.

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