“Personal Negotiation Assessment”

The end-of-course project for this class is an APA style paper. You will be writing a “Personal Negotiation Assessment”. This will not only summarize what you have learned throughout the course but you will be able to comprehensively address your own negotiating style and effectiveness (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, future learning agenda, etc.). You will integrate readings and assignments that have occurred during the academic semester. 
The project should be at least 6 pages APA style (including cover page and references).
To help you organize your paper you can use these points to cover in your paper: 

Top of Form
Do not write your paper in question/answer form; you may include the answers to the questions within your writing but do not “list” them. The intent of this project is for you to expand the knowledge you acquired during the course and summarize your own bargaining and negotiating skills. Make sure to use terminology learned through your readings of the book. 
Do I enjoy bargaining? Do I enjoy being in situations of conflict, and/or do I enjoy attempting to persuade others to my point of view? Why?
Do others see me as a good bargainer? Am I seen as strong or weak? Am I perceived as one who gives in easily, or holds out too long, or knows when to make concessions and tradeoffs?
How do I see myself in relation to the question in (2) above?
How effective am I at persuading others? How effective are my verbal skills to argue my points?
At what time do I feel most competent in bargaining? Least competent?
How do I respond when I hold the power in a situation? How do I respond when I have little or no power in a situation?
Overall, what are my major strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator, and what kind of learning goals must I set for myself for the future?

Bottom of Form

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